film review: inside job

While on the plane ride home for spring break I finally was able to watch Inside Job, this year’s Best Documentary winner at the Oscars. The documentary is about the 2008 financial crisis. Don’t understand how the economy got so bad? Or how Wall Street was able to get away with massive fraud for so long? then this is the film for you. I’ll be honest, as someone who took the lowest math level in high school, the ecomonics jargon was a bit confusing but the film’s incredible detail regarding the cause, conflict and aftermath of the crisis, makes it well worth a watch. What’s most mindblowing is the number of people who knew what was going on, but were so blinded by greed to do anything about it. The best interviews are with former Governor of New York Eliot Spitzer and Kristen M. Davis, former madam to Wall Street.

Oh, and Matt Damon’s narrating voice is just delightful.

Directed by Charles Ferguson



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