from king to creep?

The film world always readily anticipates a recent Oscar winner’s next mov(i)e.  In most cases, actors tend not to make the best decisions: Remember Halle Berry’s stellar choice to play Catwoman after her win for Monster’s Ball? How about Reese Witherspoon’s not-so-great flick Rendition?  Yet something tells me that we have nothing to worry about with recent Oscar winner Colin Firth.

This week, the short film Steve, actor Rupert Friend’s directorial debut opens at Aspen Shortfest, one of the world’s top short film festivals. The short stars (ex-girlfriend) Keira Knightley and Tom Mison as a couple who begin to receive frequent and strange visits from their next-door neighbour played by Firth. From what I can tell from the brief trailer, Mr. Firth is still at the top of his game. Check out the trailer below.

Creepy, no?


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